7 Ups & 4 Downs From Last Night's WWE Backstage (Dec 10)

CM Punk goes 45 minutes on Fox but SIXTY on a house show?!

Cm Punk

There are few wrestlers further apart in terms of...well, just about everything than CM Punk and Baron Corbin, but it was the presence of both the ‘Voice Of The Voiceless’ and WWE’s current King that the company and Fox utilised to try and hook viewers for the latest edition of a show that continues to look for footing rather than actually finding it.

Punk’s lone appearance since his shocking return hasn’t exactly helped - the former WWE Champion is categorically the biggest curiosity draw Backstage has regardless of the angles making the news on television, but the fact he appears not to be doing it full time makes keeping those viewers slightly trickier. And anyway, why isn’t he? That’s perhaps the one thing he will have in common with ‘The Lone Wolf’ - neither of them can be a*sed with this show every week.

Luckily (?), your writer can. WWE filler it might be, but it’s digestible content compared to how it feels to sit down to two or three hours of the longest weekly episodic programmes in the f*cking universe or however they refer to them these days. Seth Rollins came across positively affable last time, how did the wholly detestable dog food aficionado manage this week?


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