7 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE Survivor Series 2017


5. A Troublesome Layout

Tamina Nia Jax

While the women's 5-on-5 elimination match wasn't entirely bad, the bulk of the bout was a discombobulated mess with a poor layout.

A considerable portion was built around a monster vs. monster clash between Nia Jax and Tamina. This sounds logical, but the execution wasn't there. Neither is particularly skilled between the ropes, and they were unable to transcend their limitations in the big match setting. Jax's count-out elimination keeps her protected, but we were then forced to watch another 10-15 minutes of Tamina labouring her way around the ring, as she inexplicably made it to the final three.

There was a huge botch on Alicia Fox's elimination, with the official failing to register a three count. Becky Lynch was pinned disappointingly early. Bayley, Carmella, and Naomi were non-factors. With Paige and Nikki Bella looming, Natalya was a flat fifth SmackDown participant.

The bout didn't really heat up until the last five minutes, but the bookers completely failed to make the most of what should've been a high-energy turf war.


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