7 Ways To Heat Up WWE In John Cena's Absence

It's time to create some new stars...or bring some old ones back!


Following the Hell In A Cell PPV, John Cena is reportedly taking time off from WWE. 

WWE's top full-time star has been even more of a work horse than usual since WrestleMania, battling through a wide variety of opponents all over the card, and suffering a broken nose via Seth Rollins' knee earlier this year. While the nature and extent of his time off is not currently known, his absence will undoubtedly effect WWE programming.

It's no secret that WWE's ratings have gone into the toilet over the past month, with football routinely taking a major share of the audience. WWE has pulled in some of their lowest ever ratings, only comparable to 1997 when the company was in deep trouble in their battle with WCW. 

In that sense, John Cena leaving TV for an extended period could forecast doom in WWE's mind, but there are plenty of avenues to explore which could not only keep the product afloat, but heat it up before Cena's eventual return. 

We haven't heard if this time off will be the first step in Cena ceding his full-time status, but WWE has the chance to practice for when that day comes. So how can WWE heat up without John Cena? 


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