7 Ways WWE Are Failing Their Own Cruiserweight Division

Those purple ropes have got to go...

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The Cruiserweight division should be one of WWE's most exciting aspects. If the Cruiserweight Classic proved anything, it's that there's still a market for smaller wrestlers who fly all around the place stringing together dangerous spots and insane dives.

Since being launched as part of the Raw brand late-last year though, the Cruiserweight division has been falling down the ladder of importance in WWE. Neville's brilliant turn from anaemic babyface to grimacing heel aside, there's been little to cheer about for the high-flyers.

Maybe if WWE actually let the Cruiserweights fly every now and then, things would be different. As it stands, the entire division is going nowhere fast and the creative team only have to look inward to see why the Cruiser scene is turning into a flash in the pan...

7. No Incentives For Those Outside The Title Picture

Cedric Alexander Lince Dorado Sin Cara Ariya Daivari Drew Gulak Tony Nese

What exactly is there to fight for outside of the Cruiserweight Title? Criticising WWE for centring things around a championship isn't fair, but the lack of excitement away from Neville's current feud opposite Austin Aries is really quite jarring.

WWE could fix this immediately by introducing some sort of contendership ladder. Instead, the Cruiserweight stars who aren't in the title mix are booked in bogus feuds that go nowhere and neither raise or lower the status of those involved. That's a problem and one WWE need to sort out.

Incentives to win are lacking in the Cruiserweight division. This is part of a wider-reaching issue about 50/50 booking (wrestlers trading wins to the point of apathy), but it's particularly true in the Cruiser league. Those not fighting for the title need something else to keep them occupied and relevant.


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