7 WWE Fake Accents That Are Miserably Poor

Voices from Parts Unknown.


When humans hear another person speak, we have learned to use their dialect and speech patterns as an indication of where that person is from. This allows our wacky human brains to make assumptions about someone from the instant they open their mouths. In the real world, this is problematic. In the world of wrestling, on the other hand, it’s a key storytelling tool. Do you have a British character and an American athlete? Give him a fake accent. Do you want a Canadian to play a character from Germany? Fake accent. Easy fix.

Not all fake accents, however, are created equal. Some perform their accents flawlessly, or at least well enough that no one questions its authenticity. WWE’s William Regal is a classic example. He was able to draw more heat for his character by affecting an upper-class accent rather than using his own Lancastrian one. His accent was never distracting, but instead was enhancing of his performance.

Then there are the others. Those poor few whose accents sail straight past distracting and land somewhere between spectacular and absurd. For better or worse, these seven fine souls gave it their all to get the message across, but somewhere down the line it was lost in phony translation.

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