7 WWE Stars One Tweak Away From PERFECTION

7. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt Rocking Chair

The Tweak: Actual menace.

Why It'd Help: It's been years since Bray Wyatt's ominous entrance music was greeted by a legitimate sense of dread. In fact, scratch that, because his tune usually has fans dreading the fact they're about to see more of a painful slow death for someone who has all the tools to be a top guy in WWE over the past stretch.

By giving Bray back some of that threat, WWE would be doing both he and themselves a massive favour. With the wins and domination to back up his grand words in promos, Wyatt could realistically become another Mankind success story, or maybe even a Jake Roberts-like slow-burning babyface in time.

He has a marketable, spooky look, can talk the hinds legs off almost everyone on the roster, is solid in-ring and was once over. If WWE want him to be credible again, then they need to reboot some of the chilling intimidation that made him a revelation back when he first popped up on the scene.

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