7 WWE Superstar Shakeup Moves That Haven’t Worked

It's not good when your best female star looks flat out bored...

The Miz Miztourage Maryse

The Superstar Shakeup shortly after WrestleMania 33 was designed to freshen the Raw and SmackDown ranks, but it's been an absolute disaster. Although moves like drafting Charlotte Flair to SmackDown and The Miz to Raw seemed sound on paper, they haven't worked out at all. These performers look bored.

Charlotte is arguably less of a star on Tuesday nights than she was when playing the arrogant 'Queen' on Raw, and Miz has been surrounded by a goof troop of losers who had nothing better to do than ride his coat tails. Neither of these examples represent progress, and they're not the only ones WWE badly botched with their little 'Shakeup'.

These brand switches must be better thought out. There's a sense that WWE's creative team just picked names out of a hat rather than looking ahead to see what feuds and storylines were available. Shakeup? More like shake down...


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