8 Awesome Stories From WWE Royal Rumble 2016

From AJ's debut to The Beast vs. The Reaper, the 2016 Rumble had it all.

The best Royal Rumble matches in World Wrestling Entertainment history contain stories within the overarching story of 30 men fighting for a chance to headline WrestleMania. Feuds intertwine to present blowoffs to some while igniting others, setting the Superstars involved on course for a colossal showdown. It is a breeding ground for interactions fans may not be privy to at other times in the the year. January 24 saw the company present its latest Rumble match, a contest under great pressure to deliver following a five year span of lackluster, lethargic presentations. With a memorable debut and countless story threads weaving together, the match was a tremendous success, a critically acclaimed bout. Those story threads present in Sunday's match not only strengthened the overall bout, they also laid the foundation for the feuds that will dominate WrestleMania season. From AJ Styles's debut to Sami Zayn earning revenge against Kevin Owens that was a year in the making to The Wyatt Family's continued assault on Brock Lesnar, there was a little bit of something for everyone in Sunday's epic main event. On the heels of the contest, and in preparation of the stories' next chapters relive these eight awesome stories from the 2016 incarnation of WWE's annual battle royal extravaganza.

Erik Beaston is a freelance pro wrestling writer who likes long walks in the park, dandelions and has not quite figured out that this introduction is not for Match.com. He resides in Parts Unknown, where he hosts weekly cookouts with Kane, The Ultimate Warrior, Papa Shango and The Boogeyman. Be jealous.