8 Awesome Wrestling Stars You've Never Even Heard Of

They got over, but remain under the radar...

It€™'s about time we all admitted the truth: not every wrestling legend is a WWE or NWA alumnus, or a part of the hallowed Hall Of Fame. I know, I know, it€™'s astonishing isn€™t it? But, all joking aside, many casual fans had only peripherally heard of AJ Styles before his Royal Rumble debut, and fewer still knew the name Shinsuke Nakamura before he arrived in NXT.

Even those of us with a fine background in north American wrestling over the last couple of decades, the kind of people who€™ve got Ring Of Honor cards from 2005 memorised, don'€™t always know who€™'s who when it comes to overseas talent or the stars of the pre-cable territorial age.

With that in mind, let€™'s consider some of the more glaring omissions from the casual wrestling cultural lexicon, and name a few of the legends of yesteryear and massive stars from outside of the USA who'€™ve somehow missed out on full mainstream recognition.

Obviously some of you will be savvy enough to have already heard of some, perhaps even all of the names on this list - if so, let€™s have some of your own candidates listed in the comments!

Who do you consider an under-the-radar wrestling icon? Here are eight who I think have been sorely overlooked...


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