8 Best Excuses For Wrestlers Not Doing A Job

I'm just not feeling it, boss.


When you really think about, a wrestler refusing to let an opponent beat him is completely ridiculous.

It'd be like Heath Ledger throwing a strop about Christian Bale getting the better of him in The Dark Knight. It's just a movie, and you're just an actor. Being instructed to take a fake punch in the face shouldn't be interpreted as a personal affront.

But ego is a powerful thing, and perhaps those of us who consider this kind of attitude worthy of derision would be singing a different tune if we too spent our evenings jumping around the squared circle in arenas packed full of adoring spectators chanting our names.

Over the years, several of wrestling's biggest and most revered stars have (reportedly) refused to do a job. Sometimes, they're offended at the very notion that they should have to lose at all, while on other occasions it's the choice of opponent, in particular, that they're not so keen on.

Either way, they generally can't let their true, incredibly petty reasons for throwing their toys out of the pram slip. Instead, they have to come up with an at least vaguely credible excuse...

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