8 Best WWE Matches Of The Last Decade - According To Dave Meltzer

WWE is now six years without a five star match.


Wrestling fans can be a hard bunch to please sometimes, and perhaps none more so than Dave Meltzer - the industry's most prominent journalist - who has awarded a five-star rating to just a handful of WWE matches in history.

Whilst some believe there are more matches worthy of the honour than officially given credit for, the fact that the elusive five star rating is reserved for only the very best wrestling encounters has given the Wrestling Observer Newsletter scores a certain legitimacy that they might otherwise lack.

That's why it meant so much when Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada were given a once-in-a-generation six out of five score at Wrestle Kingdom (which they then followed up with a six-and-a-half out of five score) a few months later in their sequel at Dominion. Those types of matches are rare.

In WWE's case, they are as yet nonexistant - but they have had a few that have come close in recent years, and as they continue to scour the global indie scene for new talent, you can expect that this list will be a much bigger one in two or three years' time.