8 Big Concerns Raised By WWE's Injury Crisis

The grimmest prognosis.


Former WWE Divas Champion Paige was dealt a cruel hand this weekend, with her employers reportedly 'medically disqualifying' her from in-ring competition following her latest neck injury.

Her wrestling career is effectively over, at least as far as WWE are concerned, but while her case is easily the most severe, Paige isn't the company's only long-term absentee. Big Cass, Jef Hardy, Samoa Joe, Drew McIntyre: there's a strong chance none will be back before WrestleMania 34. Dean Ambrose, meanwhile, isn't expected to return until September, and we may have seen the last of the injured Big Show, whose contract expires in February.

With 16 signed wrestlers on the sidelines, WWE are currently in the midst of a full-blown injury crisis. Most will recover, but Raw is particularly short-handed at the moment, and it feels like a new name joins the wounded every single week.

Wrestling is inherently dangerous, and some injuries are to be expected, but not to such an extent. How did this deep-rooted problem arise, what does it say about the company, and what steps can WWE possibly take to further similar build-ups in the medical room? Let's have a look...

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