8 Big Questions Raised By Neville Walking Out On WWE

What next for 'The King Of The Cruiserweights?'


Neville has been one of WWE's top performers in 2017. Reborn as 'The King Of The Cruiserweights,' he has crafted one of the company's most enjoyable characters since turning heel, becoming a true must-see act in the process. His pay-per-view matches are routinely excellent, and while much of his best work has taken place on 205 Live (a brand nobody watches), his consistency is astounding.

Now, it looks as though the Englishman is on his way out of the company.

The news was initially reported by Twitter user @WrestleVotes, and corroborated by the Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Sheet - two of the most reliable sources around. If true, it'll be WWE's loss and everyone else's game. Neville isn't a main eventer, but has proved himself a massive asset in 2017, and he'd be an immediate boon to any smaller promotion.

This isn't a good look for WWE. Sure, Neville is just one wrestler in a pool of hundreds, but he's one of the hardest working guys in the business, a world-class in-ring performer, and he'll be a white-hot free agent commodity. The situation poses a number of questions about the wrestler and company, and none reflect well on the latter...

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