8 Current WWE PPV Records You Won't Believe

Mathematical proof that nothing adds up.

WrestleMania 32 Crowd

Records in wrestling are a funny old thing aren’t they. In essence, you’re trying to apply statistical achievement to an industry that is entirely scripted which is, obviously, very silly. If John Stewart had really wanted to stop Cena breaking Ric Flair’s number of World Titles, he’d ultimately have been better served hitting the writers with a chair. That’s how it works.

But, still, they are a source of a lot of interest. The anomalous little patters that emerge here and there can tell us a lot about how certain wrestlers are perceived within the company, or offer us clues as to where creative are going with them.

Nowhere is this truer or, in all honesty, easier to collate than on PPVs. The oft-maligned payoff period of WWE’s many alleged storylines, this should be where it all really counts. But, yeah, I’ve been through the whole thing and, dear god, the things I have learned.

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