8 Geniuses Who Were Secretly Behind Famous Wrestling Ideas

8. The List Of Jericho: Jimmy Jacobs


Chris Jericho will surely go down as one of the industry's most creative minds of all-time.

The Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla has been in the wrestling game for well over 20 years - and yet his on-screen persona has remained fresh thanks to his unrivalled ability to reinvent himself with each new angle.

But - here's something that may shock you - the Canadian wasn't the one who came up with the "List of Jericho" concept that caught fire last year during his much-acclaimed friendship with Kevin Owens. In fact, it was the brain-child of former ROH star Jimmy Jacobs, who now earns his keep as a writer in WWE.

Whilst Y2J may not have conceived the idea, it's hard to imagine anyone else on the roster getting it over with quite the same success - so hats off to the both of them, really.

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