8 Geniuses Who Were Secretly Behind Famous Wrestling Ideas

It turns out Chris Jericho isn't the man we thought he was.

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Who really came up with that idea? Not your favourite wrestler - that's who.

The truth is that, whilst wrestlers are often able, if not always encouraged, to pitch ideas to to their employers (unlike, say, a postman), most of the time they are simply following instructions from above.

Shawn Michaels didn't really write (or sing) his entrance music, neither was it Undertaker's idea to have his estranged brother show up in 1997. Randy Orton probably wasn't the brains behind his Legacy stable, and Hulk Hogan didn't really book himself to beat Kevin Nash with a finger-poke*.

But who are the real brains behind these ideas? And do they deserve a little more credit? The on-screen talent is the most important component of any wrestling show, but those behind the curtain have a role to play as well.

And don't forget: every now and then, the stars we hail for their searing genius really do come up with their own lines, or take it upon themselves to sketch out a whole new match-type in their free time (which they can go on to dominate for the next 10 years).

*Actually, he probably did.

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