8 Greatest Transitional WWE Champions Of All Time

8. André The Giant


You might be questioning how someone who held the belt for less than a day could ever be considered a great champion. But André the Giant's title reign was huge because it created a swell of controversy and outrage, all the while escalating one of the most satisfying feuds of the '80s.

It should be obvious in retrospect that without André, Hulk Hogan would never have achieved the level of superstardom that he did. But André also played a key role in introducing another top tier talent into the WWE Championship race.

After four years of Hulkamania running wild with the strap around his waist, André finally ended Hogan's reign on an episode of The Main Event. To prove he was the ultimate transitional champion, André held onto the title for all of 90 seconds before promptly handing it to Ted DiBiase, who'd paid the big man an even bigger fee to fork it over.

André literally sold the company's most prestigious title in front of thousands of Hulkamaniacs who were still in total disbelief that Hogan had lost.

The title was swiftly vacated by Jack Tunney due to the shenanigans surrounding the title change, and a tournament was held at WrestleMania IV to determine the next champion. The winner was some forgotten jobber with the ridiculous moniker of 'Macho Man'...


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