8 Hidden Meanings Behind Outlandish WWE Super Show-Down Attires

WWE in Australia - Where women glow and men plunder...


Whilst not quite WrestleMania-worthy, WWE Super Show-Down was for some performers a grander stage than anything they'll realistically ever expect to work on again. More than the glorified house show some tagged it to be, the Melbourne Cricket Ground extravaganza had more than just the pyro and ballyhoo going for it too.

Half the card was hugely enjoyable, and even the worst match on the show remarkably drew "This Is Awesome" chants from a crowd as happy to be there as the midcarders fortunate enough to sneak on a flight. The 70,000 in attendance birthed an atmosphere not unlike that of a 'Show Of Shows' - oddly quiet but no less enamoured and enthused with most of the action afforded to them.

In places, it was actually far superior to the regular supershows - the pace was far more pleasing than recent WrestleManias and Royal Rumbles, and little time felt wasted beyond a main event that at times took the p*ss out of the very art form of pro wrestling let alone the timekeeper.

Ultimately, the event was a victory for effort. Effort made in matches when little was needed, effort made in promotion with about seven other shows also on the docket and even effort in sartorial elegance. Those that dressed to impress were given a spotlight and stage upon which to shine.


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