8 Horribly Outdated Wrestling Acts

Times change, but these tired gimmicks don't.

Rusev Battleground US Champion

For decades, the wrestling world was largely the same when it came to storytelling.

A big, tough, charismatic guy would beat up all the top villains who came to town, many of whom pretended to be from a different country for some easy crowd heat. The fans loved it, the next challenger would come in, and the entire process would repeat itself. We demand more now.

Ever since The Attitude Era, we've wanted our wrestlers to have depth to them, and for the most part, feel more human.

Promoters need to work harder to develop acts that better represent the modern times, but they often don’t go to those lengths. They instead go into the past to again give us evil foreigners who we're supposed to boo because they weren't born in the same country as us, and generic babyfaces who we’re supposed to like just because they smile a lot. Try harder!

Some wrestlers make it a point to have their gimmick passe, like The Revival and Al Snow, which leaves them off this list. We're looking for gimmicks that you could easily picture being in another era, and would fit in much better than they do today.

While there are some progressive gimmicks in wrestling, there’s still quite a few that just don’t fit in 2016. Here are eight acts from WWE and TNA who drastically need to change things up.

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