8 Last-Minute WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Rumours You Need To Know

Is it Hell In A Cell yet?

WWE Clash Of Champions 2019

Clash of Champions - not to be confused with any of the similar-sounding PPVs like Night of Champions or Vengence: Night of Champions, or... Bac-Klash? Whatever - is upon us and it's the one show of the year where every title must be defended! Yes, just like 3 or 4 others, but this time it's in the title.

If nothing else, it's a reminder of just how much gold the company currently has. There's the Universal Championship, WWE Championship, Raw Women's Championship, SmackDown Women's Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, Raw Tag Team Championship, SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Women's Tage Team Championship, 24/7 Championship... Divas Championship... European Championship... The spinner belt? I forget what my point was.

Regardless though, as with every WWE PPV, the internet's cup positively runneth over with speculation and gossip ahead of the big night. With every title on the line, any defeats for the favorites represents a seismic power shift on either Raw or SmackDown and there are a number of matches on the card currently too tight to actually call.

Thankfully though you don't have to because the internet has done it all for you, and I've collated it all here in one easily chewable chunk.

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