8 More WWE Returns Confirmed For Raw 25th Anniversary Show

Raw 25 Is Jericho!


Raw 25 is now less than a week away, and WWE aren't taking risks when it comes to catching eyes amongst their legions of lapsed fans.

Similar to Raw XV and Raw 1000, the company have yet again loaded the card with stars of the past to bolster the present day crew and flesh out the celebratory three hour broadcast.

These appearances are never unwelcome. A host of creative and comedic opportunities await the overworked writing staff with so many names to slot into the show as fans descend into fantasy booking madness.

That the show will take place just six days before a historically significant Royal Rumble pay-per-view adds an additional layer of intrigue, with ex-male and female superstars potentially keen to throw their hat in the ring for a WrestleMania title shot (or at least another payday). In the case of the women, there's history at stake - SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte has spoke of her mixed feelings that she'll potentially miss the match due to already holding gold.

Indeed, titles have never meant less, but the parade of ex-Champions set to step out on Raw's big night have never meant more. The latest diverse crop of names bear this out.


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