8 Most Underrated Texas Wrestlers

Some not-so-well know guys and gals who hail from the Lone Star State.


Did you know that WrestleMania 32 took place in Dallas, Texas in front of a record-setting crowd of 101,637? Did WWE mention that mammoth audience and that the show was taking place in the Lone Star State? Did they? Thought they might have done. A lot. 

To be fair to them, WWE were right to pay such extensive tribute to wrestlers from Texas over WrestleMania weekend. The WWE Hall of Fame inductions of Stan Hansen, The Fabulous Freebirds and Jacqueline Moore were all deserved and the appearances of Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, two of the best wrestlers to ever emanate from Texas, created two of the biggest pops of the night. The show would have felt lacking without their presence. 

And then there were the Texas-born performers actually wrestling matches on the show, such as The Undertaker and Mark Henry, along with broadcasters JBL and Booker T. Indeed, Texas and wrestling seem to go hand-in-hand and WWE have deep ties to the state. 

Ties deeper than you might imagine, as scores more former WWE stars also hail from Texas. WWE might not play up their heritage on air, and they might come to the ring wearing a Stetson hat and brandishing a cowbell, but they were Texans nonetheless - even if it wasn't immediately obvious. 

And they deserve to be celebrated for their contributions to the business. On this most Texas-centric of weeks, let's take a look at some underrated wrestlers born/based in Texas.

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