8 New Directions After WWE Fastlane 2018

Styles vs. Nakamura is finally certain...

Kevin Owens Shane McMahon

It looks like Shane McMahon's big WrestleMania plan this year will see SmackDown's Commish tangle with either Kevin Owens (again) or Sami Zayn. In spite of reports from the Wrestling Observer that Dolph Ziggler might be Shane's foe in New Orleans, WWE veered towards a continuation of the KO/Sami program at Fastlane.

Whilst it wouldn't be a new direction for McMahon if Owens is his opponent at 'Mania, it would count as one should Zayn step up instead. A featured match against a member of the McMahon family on the biggest show of the year would be mega for Sami, and he's not the only one looking forward to April post-Fastlane.

Elsewhere amidst SmackDown's ranks, some new challengers for the Tag Titles have been readied, Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair is on the way and John Cena, WWE's poster boy for the past decade plus, may just find himself sitting on the sidelines come WrestleMania 34.

It's all happening on the blue team...


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