8 Storylines That Will Revitalise WWE In The Second Half Of 2018

Things can only get better from here.


WWE is firmly ensconced within its annual lull in quality that takes place like clockwork between WrestleMania and SummerSlam. The company is about to begin cycling up the gears in order to get the build-up moving for its summer spectacular, but the fans have been forced to suffer through several months of decidedly sub-par product.

On SmackDown, much of the first half of 2018 was devoted to the initially exciting program between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura that ultimately fizzled into a disappointing fiasco of low blows and stipulation matches. The return of Daniel Bryan briefly set things alight, but he soon entered a meaningless feud with Big Cass and is only now finding his feet with the reunion of Team Hell No. Raw, meanwhile, has rested itself almost entirely on the in-ring brilliance of Seth Rollins.

Hopefully, both of WWE's main shows are set to turn around in the coming months in order to set up a second half of 2018 that is more entertaining than the first. Both rosters have the talent to make the change and there are a handful of storylines already in place that will go a long way toward making waves in the wrestling world.


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