8 Storylines That Will Revitalise WWE In The Second Half Of 2018

8. SAnitY On The Warpath


NXT's unhinged trio, SAnitY, made their way to SmackDown Live as part of the Superstar Shake-up just after WrestleMania. Fans were made to wait several weeks for the hugely popular team of Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain to make their presence felt on the blue brand. They have since got their wish, with the three men repeatedly staging attacks on the best and brightest of the tag team division.

This narrative has gathered steam in recent weeks, as the SmackDown tag ranks have expanded with the A-list addition of a reformed Team Hell No. SAnitY has already set its sights on Daniel Bryan and Kane, while also picking fights with division stalwarts The New Day and the Usos.

SAnitY's reign of terror seems set to continue into the second half of the year and it won't be a surprise to see them taking on the tag team champions in the near future, whether that turns out to be Team Hell No or the Bludgeon Brothers. Either way, a multi-team match at SummerSlam is certainly on the cards - and that's the sort of chaotic environment in which a team like SAnitY absolutely thrives.


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