8 Storylines That Will Revitalise WWE In The Second Half Of 2018

7. A Revival Push


The Revival are regularly appearing in marquee segments on Monday nights. It's the first time that the duo, who are arguably the best pure tag team on the WWE main roster, have been spotlighted as a key act. For a number of months, they were midcard jobbers on the Raw roster and they have struggled with injury, keeping them off television for months at a time. Now, however, their time has come.

Finally, the tag team division on Raw is setting plans into motion to become something genuinely interesting. The current title feud between Deleters of Worlds and The B Team is frivolous and silly but, once the book has closed on that one, there's some real competition waiting in the wings. The Authors of Pain are on the rise and The Revival is set to join them, being moved into position for a push to the top.

If there's any justice, this act will go on a real tear in the coming months, vanquishing teams like Titus Worldwide with their trademark style as old school bruisers utilising tag wrestling psychology. Then, they will have the tag team champions in their sights, and that will set up some great matches.


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