8 Things AEW Need To Do To Reach The Next Level

How to move from Full Gear to Fullest Gear.


Beginning with their scintillating prologue in the form of All In, All Elite Wrestling became a reality earlier in the year and with it, as a certain someone would say, the culture was changed. Since then, AEW has gone from strength to strength, with Dynamite arriving on our TV screens this fall.

However, with their official marking down of Wednesday night territory, the promotion has in many ways reached the point where they must now elevate themselves to the next level. The product has been solid and the ratings, while appearing to plateau at under a million viewers for now, have nonetheless been excellent for a new show, by far exceeding the network's expectations of 500,000. But as good as they've been, most will agree there is still a vault load of potential they are yet to tap into, as well as things they probably could be doing a lot better with.

In an industry where the fans are absolutely merciless towards any shortcoming, and new ones harder than ever to come by, it becomes imperative the company don't rest on their laurels, and push on to raise that bar higher.

They may have stormed off the blocks, but now it’s time to find that next gear. These, are the eight ways they can do it.


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