8 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Adam Cole

The hottest free agent in wrestling today? Quite possibly...

Oli Sandler / The Ringside Perspective

Adam Cole is on his way out of Ring Of Honor. Nine years after debuting with the company, the three-time ROH World Champion was literally kicked out of Bullet Club by Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks this past weekend, and replaced by Marty Scurll. His contract expired on 1 May, and after working his last set of TV tapings on Sunday, 'The Panama City Playboy' is free to take his next big step.

His next move hasn't been confirmed yet. Cole has worked numerous matches for NJPW over the past year, and the promotion have reportedly expressed an interest in signing him to an exclusive deal. WWE is still his likeliest destination however, and after years of speculation, it's extremely likely that he'll finally sign for the Stamford promotion sooner or later.

At just 27 years old, Cole has become one of independent wrestling's hottest commodities over the past few years, so it's no surprise WWE have been tracking him. The man himself has recently expressed a desire to work in NXT.

But who is Adam Cole, and what kind of competitor will WWE acquire if they decide to pull the trigger?

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