8 Times Great Wrestlers Put On Terrible Matches At WrestleMania

Everyone's allowed an off night.


In the WWE history books, WrestleMania has been an endless slew of unforgettable moments, tear-jerking emotion and, most importantly, five-star matches of the kind that fans rave about for years to come.

The reality, however, is perhaps a little different. While The Grandest Stage of Them All has undeniably seen some amazing bouts over the years, there have been plenty more that have spectacularly failed to live up to the name. Unless they make the show 10 hours long, this is pretty much inevitable.

More often than not, the event's poorest offerings have tended to involve wrestlers you don't often associate with great in-ring performances at any rate. Wrestlers like, for example, Mr T, Vince McMahon, Sable, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

Every now and then, though, genuine legends of the squared circle have let us down when it mattered most. It's not always 100% their fault, of course - sometimes they're simply paired up with the wrong opponent - but, since they're happy for us to celebrate their best moments, it's only fair to look at their worst as well...