8 Times The McMahons Took Unnecessarily Stupid Risks



We've all had those difficult days at the office. You're bogged down with a constant stream of work that like persistent acne never seems to clear, the printer's jammed, and to top it off, some cad's stole your sandwich. And the café's closed for a training day, the fifth of the year. How hard can pouring coffee be?

To make matters worse, none of this is being helped by your boss being an utter bell-pepper. So you know how it goes: you march in there, have it out with them, and end the day nutting them one in the bonce. Who hasn't told that story at some point or another?

This past week on SmackDown, Vince McMahon, ever the thesp, recreated that classic anecdote. Except he actually took Owen's forehead square in the face for real. Why? Because Vince McMahon is a lunatic, that's why. And do you know something about lunacy? It tends to run in the family.

Shane McMahon, legendarily, is just as up for putting his comfortable life at risk. And to what end? What do these chaps have to prove? Jumping off things is best left for bouncy castles and burning buildings. Try telling that to these mad bastards though.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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