8 Times WWE Tried (And Failed) To Recreate Their Past Success

Sometimes, WWE's best ideas are best left alone, as is the case with these duds.


Despite our best efforts, we can’t just catch lightning in a bottle twice. Often, the best things in life are the results of the right people in the right place at the right time. This is very true in wrestling, where most of the truly iconic characters, storylines, matches, and moments come as a result of a very specific set of circumstances.

Too often, however, many companies look to the past and incorrectly assumed that replicating a few surface elements is all it takes to likewise replicate the success that came previously. But much to their disappointment, the performers, booking, or even just the passage of time created the opposite result.

WWE is most often guilty of such failed self-replicating. Driven by nostalgia or a lack of fresh ideas (oftentimes both at the same time), they will on numerous occasions attempt to strike oil from the same patch of land they did many years prior, but instead, they just wind up with dirt. In addition: because they try so hard to connect their repeats with the originals in question, it just ends up making the new iteration look worse by comparison.

And thus, this list chronicles 10 Times WWE Tried (And Failed) To Recreate Their Past Success.


Yes, yes, I know, Jake Roberts has... that name. Perhaps that's why, despite his resistance, wrestling took over his once-innocent life, and now, he writes for WhatCulture. When not doing that, he's an aspiring actor and broadcaster based in the mountains of North Carolina, and has a bachelors degree in Electronic Media & Broadcasting.