8 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Dark (Nov 26)

Kenny Omega vs. Jack Evans, an AWESOME Shanna character piece, and more!

Jack Evans Kenny Omega

Now eight episodes deep, AEW Dark has settled into its groove as a multi-purpose warm-up show.

Initially presented as a means of showcasing performers who weren't making it onto the A-show, Dark is now a Dynamite hype piece as much as anything else. We see it with Tony Schiavone's weekly in-studio previews, highlights packages, and Alex Marvez's By The Numbers bit. This week, we got Kenny Omega defending his Mega Championship bout as part of his character's road to retribution. With the PAC rematch looming, pushing this Dynamite narrative was just as important as showcasing Jack Evans, who remains one of the promotion's peskiest heels.

It was a big episode for Shanna, who starred in a slick, well-produced character piece before facing Big Swole, who cut a charisma-packed promo of her own. Elsewhere, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong continued their hair-collecting spree as the monster tangled with Leva Bates, while the Best Friends' Trent wrestled Pentagon Jr. in a fresh opener.

Dark isn't a show that requires any kind of in-depth analysis, though this was amongst the brand's strongest outings to date. It's hard to ask for more than 75 minutes packed with logical progressions, fun action, and solid character work.

Let's light the fuse.


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