8 Ups & 7 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Nov 5)

McIntyre wins big, Corbin cowers, and Ambrose stifles Rollins... again.


Crown Jewel was one of the daftest WWE pay-per-views in recent memory; a night so wild that if you'd told a random wrestling fan exactly how things would pan out ahead of time, they'd have rightly called you crazy.

How did Raw respond? By leaving Bizarro World and coming back to Earth with three hours of decent-but-inconsistent programming. Just like every other week, then...

WWE's Survivor Series build was in full flow, with Baron Corbin dropping big announcements on both 5-on-5 elimination bouts, before a vengeful Braun Strowman forced him into hiding for the rest of the evening. The Tag Team Title problem was solved weeks after Dean Ambrose's turn, Kurt Angle wrestled his first Raw singles match since January 2006, and Ronda Rousey had her sights set on Becky Lynch, spitting fire in her Survivor Series opponent's general direction.

Next week promises the return of both Stephanie McMahon and Brock Lesnar to weekly programming. WWE are clearly investing time and effort into building the year's last 'Big Four' pay-per-view, and while last night's episode had its problems, it did plenty to sell the event.

Let's dive into it...

(Scott Carlson returns to his regular role next week.)


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