8 Ways WWE Have Already Been Worse Than WCW In 2019

Familiarity breeds contempt.


For fans of a particular vintage - mostly, the ones who mither about WWE's drastic creative malaise these days - it's somewhat galling that there are actual real human beings who can drink and drive and rent Barb Wire, but who never had the misfortune of suffering through the death throes of WCW.

Thankfully, nostalgia is all the rage, and the de facto industry leaders seem to be bringing back the dark days of the Atlanta organisation wholesale on their week-to-week product. Since WrestleMania 35 - and frankly, since a bit before then - the logic-devoid lunacy of WWE television has beared all the distressing hallmarks of WCW as it gradually circled the drain.

WCW arrogantly assumed it was invincible, coasting on the back of its string of ratings victories whilst benefiting from the bankrolling of Ted Turner. But the complete lack of sense prevailing throughout the product saw ratings dwindle, and when Time Warner merged with AOL, the new boardroom couldn't tolerate such a needless drain on its resources. WCW was dead.

WWE have made the same assumptions. So long as their Saudi partners stay on board, the company seems indestructible - no matter how bad the quality drops. But that's a relationship already on rocky ground, and the more TV numbers plummet, the more networks might pull the plug - and all that funding.

Unrealistic? In the past six months, we've already seen enough stuff that even Russo and co. would have been embarrassed to pen. There's always another rock bottom.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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