8 Wild & Unscripted WWE Moments That Made Matches Better

That wasn't supposed to happen, but we're sure glad it did!


We all know that professional wrestling is scripted and we don't need millions of non-fans reminding us that the outcomes are predetermined and the matches are mostly worked out in advance.

We get it, okay?

Of course, that doesn't mean everything is planned out ahead of time. While some performers like to meticulously plot their match step-by-step, the majority of them prefer instead to work out the big spots and the finish, and let everything else just sorta fall into place.

Between that lack of structure and the fact that pro wrestlers are human just like the rest of us, things are bound to occasionally go awry in the ring. And sometimes these mistakes end up making the match even better than it would've been if everything had gone according to plan.

In fact, as long as everyone was on top of their game and able to roll with the punches, you might not have even noticed that the spectacular moments listed in this article weren't supposed to happen.

You probably just though "Holy s*it, that was nuts!" instead of "Holy s*t, that was a huge blunder!".

Here's to the mistakes with the biggest silver linings.


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