8 Wrestlers The Rock Couldn't Get Over

1. The British Bulldog


The British Bulldog arrived back in the WWF a shadow of his former self; his back mangled on the Warrior's trapdoor in WCW, he was unrecognisable from the big-bumping powerhouse of yore - a condition reflected sartorially with a pair of baggy blue denims. Recast as a street tough brawler to conceal his fading technical game and strapped-up knees, the 1999 Bulldog vintage was all a bit depressing - so much so that even the uplifting Rock babyface act could not get a thing out of him in their mini-programme. Rock's frustration was our anguish.

It was hard to watch; knowing what we did about the Bulldog's condition meant that every single bump he took evoked feelings of anxiety. Escapism was impossible; the grim reality of his situation was etched all over his pained face. That he felt compelled to come back into the WWF fold, after the events of the Montreal Screwjob and the death of Owen Hart, compounded everything: he probably didn't even want to do what he was incapable of doing.

It was hard to watch before Rock Rock Bottomed Davey Boy on a platter of a dog sh*t - the last memorable moment of a career that once lifted an entire nation.

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