8 Wrestlers Who Quit After Major PPVs

Bank's statement isn't the first.


If various reports online are to believed (including our own), Sasha Banks, furious with dropping the oh-so prestigious Women's Tag Team Titles to Australian irritants The IIconics at WrestleMania 35, petitioned to quit the WWE in the immediate aftermath.

Perhaps the tipping point was seeing two of her Four Horsewomen buddies close out the show whilst she remained mired in the popcorn spot, forced to tough out the card's worst match in spite of her back catalogue of historic firsts within the division.

At present, Sasha's situation remains unclear. Recent social media activity - namely, dissing WWE in favour of upstarts AEW - certainly seems to suggest her eye is on the exit door. But with viable employment opportunities with 'The Dream' now available outside the 'dream', this could just be savvy bit of negotiating.

Or it could be an even savvier Reality 2.0 infused work. Considering how new champ champ Becky Lynch publicly challenged Banks in the wake of her wantaway woes, it's difficult to rule it out. Smart stuff.

Sasha would certainly be making a statement quitting the company so soon after the biggest show of the year, but she wouldn't be the first. These men didn't just threaten it - they all did it. Well, nearly.

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