8 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Were World Champions

Greatness can be achieved on any stage.

Curt Henning World Title The title of world champion has always been a prestigious one in wrestling, but when you consider the logistics of it with so many different competing wrestling promotions at one time, there are countless world champions in existence simultaneously. Naturally, some world titles will mean more than others, typically the titles of well publicized and bigger companies such as the WWE, TNA, ROH or the NWA mean more than that of smaller promotions. Nevertheless, it should still be a huge achievement for a wrestler to hold any world title, no matter how obscure, recent or relevant the belt may be. Ultimately, not every wrester can succeed in one promotion and have a run with their biggest prize, if that was the case, the title of world champion would mean very little if it was easily accomplished by anyone and everyone. A world title victory is intended to be a daunting accomplishment, one that holds one particular performer above any other, no matter the circumstances. Over the years, several acclaimed talents have missed out on their chance with the gold for one reason or another, but have held prestigious titles outside the reach of widely televised wrestling. At the same time, undeserving, mediocre wrestlers have found major success at smaller promotions, purely because of their former fame. In honor of those who didn't find success in major promotions, but held world titles elsewhere, here's eight wrestlers you probably didn't know were world champions.
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