8 Wrestling Characters We Never Saw

The industry's unsung - and unseen - heroes.


Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of wrestling characters have come and gone since the sport began to take off during the twentieth century.

There are several ways of classifying them: the memorable and the forgettable, the clever and the stupid, the ones that made you cringe so hard you nearly quit watching wrestling altogether and the ones that, well, didn't - and, of course, the real and the imaginary.

Because, while most of the characters that have appeared in the squared circle have been perceptible to one or more of the senses, some have seemingly only existed in the fevered imaginations of one or sometimes two or three fellow members of the roster. They've been, for all intents and purposes, invisible.

With a lot of these examples, you wonder whether the promotion in question (normally, it has to be said, WWE) planned at some point to eventually bring them to life by lending their name to a developmental rookie, or perhaps even an already-established star of the squared circle.

In most cases, however, you're kind of relieved that they never did...

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