8 Wrestling Matches That Ended Before They Were Meant To


Undertaker Mankind hell in a cell

The epic Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind at 1998's King of the Ring pay-per-view would have made this list had a wounded Mick Foley not (somehow) been able to continue after his first mega-bump. Battling through the searing pain and able to finish the match as planned, Mick soldiered on despite barely remembering the second half at all.

Not everybody has that kind of pain tolerance, but injuries aren't the sole reason why some matches have stopped before they were supposed to in WWE, WCW and beyond.

There's been conspiracies hatched in the heat of the moment, performers blatantly in no condition to perform due to alcohol and/or drugs, occasions when wrestlers had a brain fart so huge they suddenly forgot the match rules, and botches so spectacular they blew out Vince McMahon's quadriceps. Confused? Not as much as WWE referee Jack Doan, and not nearly as much as an irate Daniel Bryan when the decision to stop was taken out of his hands.

On every single occasion listed, it was crystal clear to fans that something was either amiss or the match was supposed to go at least a few minutes longer...

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