8 WWE Backstage Powers With Salaries You Won't Believe

6. Stephanie McMahon - $778,394 A Year Wage, $77.6 Millions Worth Of Stock,

The heiress to Vince McMahon's empire, Stephanie McMahon already finds herself worth $77.6 million. This is despite her substantial WWE stock sell off in the past year, with the Wrestling Observer reporting that she still owns 2,511,071 shares. When you consider the $77 million value of those share and profit she made from her previous sales of stock, as well as the range of assets she owns, Stephanie never needs work another day in her life if she doesn't feel like it. The fact is, Stephanie loves to work, she loves her role in WWE. As such she continues to put in considerable hours as Chief Branding Officer and as an on air character, pulling in a combined yearly wage of $778,394. It's worth noting that $325,000 of that pay was for her role as a television talent. It will be interesting to see how Stephanie advances in the WWE from here. Vince McMahon had an insatiable appetite in the 1980's to strive for more, but Stephanie has been rich her whole life, she might be tempted in the future to cash out and enjoy her family life. We hope not. Her work this last year both on camera and behind the scenes has been admirable, proving that the 'billion dollar princess' is worth every cent she earns.
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