8 WWE Booking Steps For Sami Zayn's Heel Run

Charting an underdog's journey through villainy.


WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 was always likely to close with Shane McMahon taking a death-defying leap of faith, but few fans could've predicted what actually transpired.

The SmackDown Commissioner did dive, but his elbow drop connected with the announce table, not Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn appeared at ringside seconds prior to the fall. He dragged his eternal rival through the table, Shane crashed through it, then Sami draped KO over his lifeless foe for the 1-2-3.

We'll likely learn more on this week's SmackDown, but it looks very much like a Sami Zayn heel turn. This is interesting, as 'The Underdog From The Underground' is a natural in his role as WWE's most resilient good guy, and has never been anything other than an immensely popular babyface since signing in 2013. His career has unquestionably stagnated since overcoming Owens at Battleground 2016, however, and he desperately needed a moment like this to get back on track.

Have WWE made the right decision? We'll see, but they've certainly succeeded in shaking things up on Tuesday nights. Let's take a look at how the next few months may pan out for Evil Sami.


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