8 WWE Flops Who Went On To Bigger Things

No WWE, no problem.

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Movie stars, fitness gurus, podcast entrepreneurs and independent wrestling heroes.

That's just some of the roles ex-WWE stars have taken up since leaving the company, but it can't have been easy to transition out of the bubble and into something new. In fact, it must have been depressing for most when those termination papers came through the door. Others, well they actually asked for their release and spotted opportunity to grow as individuals or live out their dreams elsewhere.

Even the promotion's biggest critics must agree that WWE is still the pinnacle of the wrestling industry. For all their faults, the McMahon-led operation has a grip on those in the business as the "only place to be". The people listed here have proven that to be a myth; there's life after WWE, and a good one at that.

For a key example, imagine going from WCW headliner to mid card loser and having the mental resolve to leave wrestling behind aged 46. One man did that, and another defied judgement in WWE's developmental system to become one of the biggest indy names of his generation...

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