8 WWE Reboots That Failed Horribly

8. The New Blackjacks


A lot of one's opinion regarding the relative success or failure of a reboot will depend on how much the viewer was aware of the original reincarnation of whatever team is being resuscitated. Now, I wasn't lucky enough to see The Blackjacks in their 1970s heyday, mostly due to not being alive, so when Barry Windham and Justin Bradshaw teamed together as The New Blackjacks in 1997, I was pretty much all in on the team.

And why wouldn't you be? Two big guys, wearing black and beating folk up, There wasn't much to like, but there wasn't anything to dislike either. Well, unless you were a little older and could remember Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza wrecking shop in the 1970s of course.

The New Blackjacks weren't helped by the obvious homage of the team, and disbanded less than a year after coming together.


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