8 WWE Reboots That Failed Horribly

1. The New World Order


When it came to bringing World Championship Wrestling to WWE TV, did Vince & Co. get anything right? The short answer would be probably not, and the entire angle aside the biggest failure of the entire debacle was the re-introduction of the New World Order in early 2002. The nWo had long since fallen into irrelevancy in WCW, and by 2002 nobody was particularly interested in seeing the group anymore.

More so than the nWo however, no one was particularly interested in seeing Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall anymore. Hogan would experience a little renaissance, but only after ditching the black and white and returning to his yellow and red roots. The fire had all but died in Nash's eyes, and there was nothing behind Hall's.

The nWo in WWE wasn't even a shadow of the group. It was what surely must be every wrestler's worst nightmare. It was a parody of the group involving the original members, it was three men past their prime doing an autograph signing in grey jogging bottoms, only this happened on the biggest wrestling show on the planet.

Failure doesn't even begin to cover it.

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