8 WWE Superstars Whose Careers Ended The Worst Way Possible

1. Owen Hart

Owen Hart The Blue Blazer

There is, quite simply, no worse way to end a career. The accident that led to the passing of Owen Hart was one of the saddest moments in the history of the business and remains a permanent black spot on WWE's record.

By now everyone is well aware how Owen died. And yet, when recounting the events of Over the Edge 1999, the details of the incident are still as gut-wrenching now as they were then. So rather than focus on his tragic death, let's pull away a little bit to look at where Owen's career was headed before that fateful Pay-Per-View.

Owen Hart was one of the most gifted wrestlers in the industry, and one of the only Hart Foundation members to rival his brother, Bret, when it came to technical excellence. Owen also had the vivid personality to make him a bigger star than even Bret was in his heyday.

Yet, he was never given the push to main event status, a fact that is simply mind-boggling. To make matters worse, not only was he relegated to perpetual mid-carder, but Owen was then stuffed into a mask and given the self-righteous gimmick of The Blue Blazer for the remainder of his career.

The Blue Blazer was all about fluff. It was a comedy act, through and through, relying more and more on cheap schtick and less and less on Owen's superb in-ring talent.

One of the greatest failures of Vince McMahon was allowing Owen Hart to be used in such a way.

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