8 WWE Superstars With Untapped Heel Potential

Who could follow Sami Zayn to the dark side?

SmackDown Kevin Owens Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn was the heel turn that nobody saw coming.

'The Underdog of the Underground' was as pure a babyface as the WWE had before he saved Kevin Owens from a nosediving Shane McMahon in the Hell in a Cell main event. As he explained on SmackDown Live this week, Zayn's run as a good guy, which had lasted four and a half years since his televised NXT debut in May 2013, only took him as far as mediocrity. He has yet to hold championship gold on the main roster.

We have seen previously what a heel turn can do for a stuttering career - look at The Rock in 1997-98 as a prime example. While it will take a few weeks for him to shake his squeaky-clean image, Zayn's character is instantly more compelling -and his alliance with Owens should take him straight to the top of the card on the blue brand.

Which other superstars could get the same rub from embracing their dark side? There are plenty on the roster who have the potential to excel as heels, if they are given the platform...

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