8 WWE Tag Team Stars Who Couldn't Cut It As Singles

Sometimes you just can’t make it on your own.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a career tag team wrestler. Hell, some guys have gotten their place in various professional wrestling Hall of Fames based on their work in doubles competition. Wrestling needs tag teams and some guys were just made to work in pairs.

Few get into the business hoping to become a tag team lifer, however. While some may want to emulate the success of their heroes (how many guys getting into the business name the likes of the Road Warriors and the British Bulldogs as inspiration?), they must also harbour a desire to go it alone and make a name for themselves, by themselves.

Regrettably for those performers, a great tag team wrestler does not a great singles wrestler make. Oftentimes, a tag teamer will split from his partner only to fail to cut it in the singles ranks, bombing badly. Sometimes, this will happen over and over again to the same wrestler, cementing their status as a tag team guy for life.

Whether it was because of politics, bad timing or the fact that the audience just wouldn't accept them on their own, these eight guys were all pretty damn good tag team wrestlers who couldn't move past that and attain singles glory. 

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