9 Awesome Wrestling Matches That Ended In A Draw

And the winner is...the audience?

Shawn Michaels Triple H Royal Rumble 2004

If you were to ask the average WWE fan what their opinion is on a match ending in a draw, a whole lot of them would probably go and tell you to eat a dick. Two (or more) superstars being "tied" for the win is about as bad as the Fingerpoke of Doom. Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but bad nonetheless.

Believe it or not, it can be done without making both sides - and the company - look bad. The logistics of the match can get a little messy when a draw is the end result, but as long as everyone involved is on the same page, and the scripted finish makes at least a modicum of sense, crowds won't start rioting once the bell rings and both guys' hands are raised.

That's not to say that some fans won't feel a little cheated by these non-decisions. After all, the words "draw" and "tie" are usually synonyms for "anti-climactic". Still, there are some examples out their when this type of finish actually elevates the wrestlers and does more good than bad.

Whether the result were good or bad is really up to you, but these nine matches were awesome. They just couldn't choose a clear winner...

9. Royal Rumble Match 1994

bret hart lex luger

Of all the matches you'd expect to end in a draw, The Royal Rumble seems like it would naturally be on the exemption list. How do you end this type of contest, where a competitor is eliminated by getting chucked over the top rope, in a damn tie?

Well, the answer to that should be pretty clear to anyone who remembers the 2005 debacle with John Cena and Batista, when both men hit the floor at the same time and caused some very real confusion from the refs and brought about the very real fury of Vince McMahon. But unlike that unscripted mess, the Lex Luger-Bret Hart Royal Rumble co-win was actually planned that way.

It was a great way to build up a feud between the two superstars, who were both fighting it out for the spot of "top guy" as Hulk Hogan's recent departure had cleared the way for some new blood to make an impact in the main event scene. The crowd was obviously baffled by the finish, even after president Jack Tunney came out to explain the result. Suffice it to say, they haven't scripted a Rumble draw ever since (which is why Vince was so pissed in 2005).

That match was still a tremendous launching point for several of the New Generation superstars, particularly Diesel, who received a tremendous reaction from the crowd, even though he was a heel at the time. Sadly, it will always be remembered more for its unusual finish than for the quality work of the participants.


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