9 Hidden Meanings Behind Outlandish WWE SummerSlam 2018 Attires

The fancy dress party of the summer.


Whilst WrestleMania is the night where performers are most encouraged to live out their wildest fantasies (in as much as their characteristics will allow), SummerSlam remains on similar footing as the 'Show Of Shows' by virtue of its 'Big Four' status and elevated profile amongst the elite events in the WWE calendar.

SummerSlam 2018 played host to several moments of sublime sartorial excellence, with regular fashion favourite Finn Bálor debuting a brand new updated take on Venom Demon and Shinsuke Nakamura following his red velour WrestleMania heel turn with jet black ones that celebrate his established role on SmackDown Live!'s dark side. Elsewhere, Natalya Neidhart paid loving tribute to her deceased father Jim by wearing the jacket he wore 28 years earlier when The Hart Foundation dethroned Demolition, whilst Ronda Rousey again aped Roddy Piper before tackling some entirely different legacies when the gear came off.

There were stylistic leanings bordering on cosplay elsewhere on the card, with the worlds of comics, films and even pro wrestling itself explored beyond the norms with some intriguing choices made by headliners and rank-and-file alike. Even the openers got in on the act...


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